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Workshops with International Artists 


Participating international artists will develop dedicated one week workshops devoted to special projects. Workshop participation is exclusive to grantees and invited guests of the workshop leaders. Attendance in at least three workshops is expected of grant-holders.


Poetics, Art Theory and Art History have been debated in courses, seminars, conferences, physical and virtual  discussions conducted by Roberto Amigo, Ricardo Piglia, Ana Longoni, José Fernández Vega, Alejandro Ros, Sergio Raimondi, Horacio González, Gonzalo Aguilar, Adrián Cangi, Mario Bellatin, Axel Krygier, Alan Pauls, Ernesto Ballesteros, Reinaldo Laddaga, Daniel Link, Francisco Garamona, Fernanda Laguna, Rosario Bléfari, Gerardo Gandini, Germán García, María Moreno, Tulio de Sagastizábal, Diana Aisenberg, Horacio Gabin, Marina de Caro, María Gainza, Ana Gallardo, among others.  Courses, participating artists and fee schedules will be continuously updated.

Public Conferences

Tania Bruguera; Ricardo Piglia, Josep Maria Martin, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Lucio Castro, Teddy Cruz.


Multi-disciplinary Events

Exhibitions, performances, recitals and screenings by invited artists.



A comprehensive library comprising publications, analog and digital audio-visual materials that are freely available to researchers, artists, students and the general public.

The general public is admitted to most of the activities through paid enrollment. 

The program of conferences is free.